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Lord Howe Island Physiotherapy

Commercial Refurbishment




Dynamic Physiotherapy

project duration

This project was all about communication, planning and logistics. The work itself is what we do day in day out so we knew the real challenge was the pre-construction stage. The client came to Cauchi Building in May 2019 needing a builder to manage the refurbishment of an old post office on Lord Howe Island into a physiotherapy and bar. It took months of planning to finalise the design, conduct site meetings, organise all materials for the project and then have them shipped via Port Macquarie. All materials needed to be organised and sent out before the job started as there is no hardware stores on the island and the ship from Port Macquarie only arrives once a fortnight.

The works involved in the refurbishment included asbestos removal and soft demolition, new timber decking, roofing and internal fitout works. The project also had to abide by strict Heritage requirements due to the entire island being listed as a UNESCO World Heritage property.

As a result of the ongoing communication and planning in the pre-construction stage, the project was completed successfully with no delays encountered. The Cauchi Building site team worked 7 days a week to complete the project on time and on budget for the client to be able to open their new physiotherapy clinic and bar before the summer season.

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